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The baptism in the Holy Spirit engages us and we hang on every Word of God. Just as the loving spirit engages us to enjoy listening to a loved one we enjoy God's Word. He Bible becomes more than a book filled with words. It becomes a collection of mentoring lessons, intimate prose and poems, and letters from a dear Father.  Some of the most impacting stories in literature and movies are those that are of a father that has written his family proactively before he dies, or of the string of letters that carry the heroine back to a time of joy or struggle survived with a beloved now gone. 

The great part about God is that he is not dead. He reveals himself through His Word as it is found in Scripture. As we learn His word through Scripture he then can use His Word to speak more directly to us. God does not contradict his Word in Scripture. The Holy Spirit keeps us in contact with God's Word, revealing the depth to us and the deeper we get the great our love for His Word.

Mark records that with the baptism in the Holy Spirit the disciples went out and preached everywhere, and the Lord confirmed His Word by the signs and wonders.

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Scripture references

  1. 1.Mark 16:20

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