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The authors record the pretty, and the pretty ugly, about the situations men find themselves and the deliverance that comes by obeying God. The authors do not exempt themselves from the record, recording their own weaknesses, and recording the strength found through obedience to God. Moses records his failure to enter the land of Canaan, which was the Promise Land, because of his disobedience. They record their sufferings and attribute their survival, not to their own perseverance and strength, but rather to the strength given by God.

The authors do not boast of their superiority to others, but rather their usefulness to God because of their limitations. Their limitations were where God proved himself to desire relationship with those who are obedient to him. The Bible is the inspired Word of God because it rings with His theme.  The theme of His nature of love, His being of power, and His desire to save and not condemn.

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