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God has revealed himself for the purpose of relationship. We begin to understand his nature, that is to say his characteristics, as we read his word. We witness his being, as God the Creator of all things, by hearing and reading His Word. The mythologies and legends do not give a hope to live among the gods, or to achieve immortality, or to have relationship with men. But God, demonstrates love to men in that while we are still sinners: Christ died for us.

The ultimate purpose of his revelation is to reveal his plan for salvation of all men. Every man and woman knows death lurks around the corner. It is the biggest fear of mankind. We work to prevent it everyday. More money is put into researching diseases and cures than any other practice on earth.  Men still have not figured out how to live forever. Salvation is needed because we need to be saved from death.

The Bible is comprised of interaction between God and men. It does not contain competition between God and other gods - as mythology and legends often do. The conflicts in Scripture between God and other gods is actually conflicts between God the men that create and claim other gods. Each time, the men are defeated to demonstrate that there is only one true God.

God does not compete against other supernatural beings - fallen celestial beings. Instead he sends men to demonstrate that obedience to God triumphs over the fallen - the disobedient.

There is only one instance that God himself actually faces another competing celestial being. He does it because a fallen man could not serve to do it. A sinful man cannot bring eternal life. With all the science and healthy lifestyles we are unable to live forever, on our own. Instead, Jesus Christ - who was sinless - came to conquer Satan and overcome death so that men could have the promise of eternal life. Death is the permanent separation from God. God reveals himself to prevent death.

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Scripture references

  1. 1.Romans 5:8

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